What Happens Next


When looking for an event planner some find it difficult to find one they not only trust but like and get along with. An event planner should not be difficult to talk to and should not be difficult to like.


With me I am very open with all my clients and in general very outgoing so discussing ideas and contacting me will never be an issue, all you have to do is contact me and see. Below is an outline of what happens from the time you contact me onwards;




Once you call, email or text me stating your interest of hiring me as your event planner it all begins.


We arrange a face to face consultation at a location of your choice, this can be at your home, in a pub or even at a coffee shop if you wish. I want you to be comfortable so the decision is yours.


We shall arrange a suitable time for you also and I would usually recommend bringing a partner along with you just becasue two ears are better than one, especially with all the excitement going on you may forgot something when trying to explain everything we talked about.


In this consulation we will discuss your requirements for your event, what your colour scheme is, what type of event it is, requirements of suppliers and most importantly your budget. This consultation can last 2-3 hours so make sure you've booked enough time out of your diary or you've made sure your babysitter is ok to watch the children.


Once I am aware of all your requirements and what you need from me as your event planner, I will then provide you with a full quote and description of what this entails, this will also be sent across to you via email so you don't forget. I won't expect a decision there and then you can go away and discuss as a couple and let me know.


Never be afraid to negociate with me as the worst I can say is no.


Contract & Deposit


Now all the boring and legal talk begins, ready yourself.


Once we have agreed up-on pricing and also discussed in great detail your ideas and requirements for your day that will be the first consultation complete out of your four.


I will take away all your ideas with me, once home I will complete a copy of my contract for you, this will point out my terms and conditions and also state the cost of my services and what this cost includes, this will be something we have already discussed and agreed upon. I will send the contract to you in whichever preferred format you require either by post or email, this will need to be signed, once done keep a copy for yourself and send the signed one back to me again either by email or post.


Once I receive the contract I will require 30% of the overall cost to be paid via bank transfer or cheque, this is required to be paid once the contract has been signed and I have received it. I will sometimes give leeway of 7 days to pay but only if this is agreed at the first consultation and if it is not paid by the 7 days my services will be offered to another client. The remainder of the cost is required to be paid 14 days before the event and cleared in my account at-least 7 days before your event, if this does not happen I do have the right to stop my services and work will not continue.


Phew! I'm glad that bit is over.


Planning Your Event


Now we are getting somewhere. Onto the fun part!


I will begin work on your event as soon as your deposit has cleared. I will work to the standard of any event I plan and put my all into finding you the right supplier and making sure you get the best deal for the best possible service. I will always consult you before booking any suppliers and I will make sure all meetings are arranged around your schedule and mine so we can attend together.


You will never be left alone to deal with any suppliers, and if it comes to it and either you or I can't make the appointment it will be rearranged to a more suitable time and date.


You should have nothing to worry about leading upto your event, you should be relaxing and be stress free, if your not then something is terribly wrong.


Your Event


So the day has arrived!


So your event day is here and the excitement is overflowing, you should be focusing on getting ready, we would have discussed the decoration set up and where everything must be and I shall be sorting this whilst your getting yourself together and making sure your ready to enjoy the day.


Let the champagne flow and don't worry about anything, all is in hand and everything will be exactly how you pictured it to look. I will stay on for however long you wish me to and to what is agreed within the contract, but you won't even notice I am there, I'll almost be like a ghost - literally.


Now just enjoy your day!



Contact me now to discuss ideas or to book your FREE consultation.