Wedding Planning


Planning your very own wedding can be quite daunting especially if starting is where the issue is, sometimes it can be lack of time as your juggling a full time job and family. If having an event planner sounds like your ideal choice of assistance then look no further, I can help make sure your wedding is as you imagined.


What We Offer


Full Event Planning - Prices Begin at £750


If you've imagined your day since being a little girl and want it to be the most happiest day of your life, but you just can't justify spending all that time on the computer on the phone or even in meetings as your life is already jam packed with appointments, work and children then don't panic as the full event planning service offers you free reign from all of that. Allowing me to get stuck into the job I love to do, full event planning includes;


x4 Face to Face Consultations

Idea Discussions

Supplier Sourcing

Setting Up & Attending Meetings with Suppliers

Dealings with Suppliers Throughout Planning

Unlimited Email & Telephone Discussions (excluding late nights)

Overlooking Set Up & Set Down of Wedding

All Day Event Management


Supplier Sourcing - Prices Begin at £500


Have you sorted the decorations and now have to do all the daunting research and telephone conversations with every supplier wanting to get your custom and your sick of having to please everybody, well not to panic we offer the service of doing all of this for you. Supplier sourcing can be the worst part of planning as unless you tell a supplier no they can and will hound you for your custom at whatever cost and this can make you very unhappy and this is not what we want leading up to your wedding. Supplier sourcing service includes;


x4 Face to Face Consultations

Idea Discussions

Online Research

Telephone Calls with Suppliers

Negociating Prices with Suppliers

Setting up Meetings and Attending Meetings with Suppliers

Dealing with Suppliers Throughout Planning Process

Overlooking Set Up & Set Down of Suppliers


Partial Planning - Prices Begin at £450


If you have planned most of your event and you have come to a little bit of a stand still on what to do next, then I can help get the planning moving forward again. Alot of people make lists, lose them lists and then make more lists where more things are then added on what needs doing. Don't worry I've done it all myself, I've forgotten what's been done and what still needs doing. It can all become very hectic all of a sudden but when you have me on board I can help with all of this. Partial planning basically means I am there to finalise alot of the work and find any last minute suppliers that you may have missed out on or may have even forgotten about needing, alot of suppliers will charge through the roof for last minute bookings due to deposits required to be paid, well not anymore I will make sure you are still given the best price at the best possible service providable. Partial Planning service includes;


x4 Face to Face Consultations

Emails and Telephone conversations

Overlooking Supplier Requirements

Finding Last Minute Suppliers

Setting Up Meetings With Suppliers

Contact with Suppliers Throughout Remainder of Planning

Overlooking Set Up & Set Down of Suppliers


Event Day Management -

Prices Start at £150


Are you happy with how things are going for your event and wish to continue moving forward without assistance for the full event planning service, well don't panic because I can still help even with the little things that to you will be the big things. I'm always happy to try and help where I can for anyone who feels the day maybe too much stress just to make sure your ready on time to meet your groom at the alter. 

As a service I do offer event day management, so rather than yourself or one of your guests running around making sure all suppliers have arrived and are set up, you can hire me and leave that all down to myself, I will make sure that everything is as you wish and planned so you and your guests can relax enjoy that bottle of bubbly and finish getting ready without the hassle of having to leave the room every five minutes to deal with a phone call of a late supplier or deal with something that may have happened outside of your control.

There are four types of event day management services we offer, they are;


Office Day Management 8am - 5pm

Reception Management 12pm - End of Event

Full Event Management 8am - End of Event

Three Day Event Management; Day Before - Day Of - Day After

*Mostly Required By Weddings Hiring A Marquee


To discuss further for your wedding please contact me to book your free no obligation quote and to discuss ideas