Do you have another special occasion coming up and need some help with all the planning.

Below is a list of the events I can assist you in planning.



Is someone close to you got a milestone birthday coming up or is it you yourself and you want to throw the biggest party ever, but you are unsure on where to start. With my expertise I can assist you in making sure your event is as special as you want it to be, prices begin at £250 for my planning services.



Well firstly congratulations on your new arrival whether a boy or girl or both. Now your beginning to panic about how you will cope to host and plan the perfect christening event for your little, well no need to panic. With me on board I can make sure you give all your time to your little one and I will make sure your event is perfect and a day you can look back on as something you can cherish and remember forever. Prices begin at £350 for my planning services.


Occasion Parties

Now some may wonder what this means as all parties are occasional, now these are different think of it as seasonal or even so only a party you would hope to do the once. Let me give you the memo of the occasions I am talking about, so we have Hen Do's even Stag Do's, Engagement Parties, Christmas Parties and I even cater for the people who wish to host someone a Leaving Party. Whatever the occasion I can cover to make sure your event is perfect, or even make it night you wither wish to forget or can't remember at all. Prices begin at £250 for my planning services.



Are you struggling to make room at your offices for a conference or are you struggling to manage putting together a team building day/weekend, well I can help with this no problem. If your having trouble finding the right suppliers that will cater for your event again I can manage this. I can make sure you and your clients or team have the best spot for your all important conference or have the most amazing time in the outdoors for your team building activity. Prices begin at £350 for my planning services.


Charity Galas/Events

Have you lost someone close to you and wish to raise money for the charity you have built for them or wish to raise money for a charity that took care of them. Are you looking at raising money for charity as a simple kind gesture and to get everyone together. Well whatever your reason for throwing a charity gala sometimes you may think suppliers wont give you a discount and eventually this can become quite annoying for you and quite upsetting at the same time as you may think everyone should want to give to charity. With my suppliers I can gauruntee to get you the best price and at a discount for your charity gala, and the event will be as perfect as you imagined. Prices begin at £650 for my planning services.


Destination Management

Do you live outside of the UK and you are struggling to get to us for either an important meeting, for a holiday, for a special occassion and you cannot seem to find anywhere at the best price or that can offer you the things that you require. I can help with this, with my broadened knowledge of the UK and locations on where is most ideal for certain activities and within close proximity you'll be sure to have the best stay at the best price. You'll never be late for that important meeting or special event you wish to attend. Prices begin at £550 for my planning services.


Please contact me today to book your free no obligation consultation, face to face or via skype to discuss your event and ideas.